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I grew up in the southwest of Ireland. My grandfather John, my father Kevin and my uncle Mick, all very good with their hands, took the time to teach me a lot at a young age. Some of their tools and methods I use every day.

I studied the trade of Carpentry and Joinery for 4 years. It was a solid apprenticeship and I qualified with merit from FAS (SOLAS) through IT Tralee. I received a FETAC level 6 certificate in the trade.

I moved to Calgary in 2013. I applied for the Interprovential Red Seal Theory exam through AIT.

I received a credit in the exam and was allowed to further apply for the intense 6 hour practical exam. The exam tested skills in framing, roofing, stairs, joinery and finish woodworking.

I received a Journeyman Certificate and was licenced to work in the trade in Alberta from October 2013.

As a finish carpenter, I have been involved in fantastic projects over the years; from tiny, solid wood, handcrafted items to woodworking and custom cabinetry on a very large scale. I enjoy both, residential and commercial carpentry, whether it is a basement or a kitchen renovation or hotel wainscoting.

I enjoy what I do and if you are looking for a skilled tradesperson then contact me and we can discuss your next project.

Ian Hurley

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